Friday, October 30, 2009

Advancing Time



Vuzix Corporation, the leader in video eyewear for the consumer, defense and low vision markets, is thrilled to be shipping the Wrap 310 worldwide. The game-changing Wrap 310 challenges the status quo of traditional video viewing devices by looking and feeling like normal sunglasses. The Wrap 310, featuring twin high-resolution video displays and projecting a 55-inch screen at 10-feet is now available through and a number of other retailers and distribution partners.

"The Wrap 310 promises to change the game in portable video and we're thrilled to officially deliver this product to the masses," said Vuzix CEO, Paul Travers. "The Wrap 310 also brings advanced features to the video Eyewear category that no product has. With capabilities to add tracking and cameras that enable augmented reality and incredible gaming experiences; there is nothing like it on the market" added Travers.

Whether you are an executive business traveler or want an immersive console gaming experience, the Wrap 310 gets the job done in style. With composite video input and optional VGA and component compatibility adapters, the Wrap 310 is the most versatile pair of video eyewear on the market. Additionally, as the first video eyewear designed for upgradeability, the Wrap 310 features an expansion port designed to provide the product with near limitless compatibility. In addition to the VGA and Component adapters available later this year, Vuzix has plans for new and exciting accessories designed to keep the Wrap 310 on the cutting edge.

The Wrap 310 also features an improved on-screen user interface, included independent focus adjustments for users with corrective lenses and still features compatibility with all major 3D video formats. Powered for up to 6 hours on just 2 AA batteries, the Wrap 310 will accept video from almost any video player, including the iPod and iPhone. The Wrap 310 has a MSRP of $249.95.

Compatible Devices Include:
• All iPod/iPhone models
• Portable DVD players
• Mobile phones with video output
• PCs and laptops*
• DVD/Blu-Ray players
• Portable media players

*Requires optional VGA cable adaptor


This bicycle simulator was initially built for traffic safety education but due to the buzz around the product Honda have decided to bring them onto the Japanese market early next year. The simulator allows the user to cycle through a host of different conditions, without the risk of being knocked down by another vehicle. You won't have to experience the wet weather, or the cold conditons either, but can safely and warmly use the simulator from the comfort of your own home.

The simulator will come pre-loaded with a whole range of different scenarios, including 'Going to School', 'Going to the grocery store', 'Going to cram school' and 'visiting a local shopping street', as well as others. The simulator will appeal to many different organisations and people, including public offices, law-enforcement agencies, driving schools and educational establishments.


This gadget may not be particularly ground-breaking but it certainly does offer a very valuable benefit to those in the kitchen. We've all been in the scenario of having our hands full, and needing to contort ourselves just to turn on the tap, to wash our hands.

Well, let me introduce to you the touch sensitive faucet. Both the spout and handle are touch sensitive, so one small touch on either part will cause the water to fall. The faucet comes in two different styles, the chrome finished faucet and the stainless steel version, which will cost slightly more. The faucet can clevery differentiate between a touch and a grab, so temeperature levels are not going to constantly fluctuate.

The chrome faucet will cost you $495, whilst the stainless steel version will cost you $547. Both available from Delta Faucet


Hammacher Schlemmer have produced a realistic golf video arcade game. The machine offers the user the best experience in miniature golf, and is similar to the machines found in popular arcade venues. The machine utilises real golf balls and real golf putters, whilst the courses are disaplyed virtually on screen, via the 32-inch LCD display. The game allows up to four players to participate at any one time, with two courses to choose from, the casino based Las Vegas course as well as the tiki torch orinted Paradise Island.

Shot controls include the ability to adjust the view, by panning left and right, and also the option to view from overhead, or directly behind the ball. Options which will allow you to plan the best route to the hall. As you make contact with the ball, and it approaches the screen, the machine calculates both the trajectory and position of the ball, with sound emitting from a trio of speakers.

The miniature golf arcade game looks brilliant, but the $6,900 price tag will be enough to deter most potential buyers. Also, it would have been nice to see a few more courses, as with only two courses, we're sure each shot can be mastered relatively quickly.

Everything about the Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game looks inviting except the hefty price of $6,900.


Just occasionally a product comes along that simply blows us away. We get to see a lot of crazy and sometimes brilliant inventions, but Laser Cosmos is without a doubt the most superb one we've seen. There is no product out there that comes even close to the sheer excellence of this galactic wonder - sorry to sound quite so effusive, but really, it's staggering.

Imagine lying in your room, and having the ceiling whipped away to reveal the vast outreaches of the cosmos whirling overhead, complete with misty blue nebulae (which you can turn on and off!) and the occasional shooting star. Fully adjustable and requiring no set up, this super powerful space projector scatters a random panoply of sparkling green stars that will fill any room from the tiniest bedroom to the largest warehouse with a crystal clear animated star display. What's so clever about this (apart from everything of course) is that it seems so three-dimensional, the varying brightness of different stars makes some seem close and others to come from distant galaxies.

Created from powerful green laser and holographic technology, a display this bright and clear has never been available before. It's utterly mesmerising, and had us transfixed for hours (literally). Whether you're zoning out to music, throwing a party or just chilling, this stunning cosmic light show is like nothing we've ever seen before. Truly one of the most amazing light shows you will see anywhere.


* Romantic, mesmerising star and cloud projector.
* The Laser Cosmos will fill any room, no matter how big or small with a carpet of stars, blue clouds (optional), and even shooting stars.
* The Laser Cosmos itself is shaped like a funky 3D star.
* The Laser Cosmos can be pivoted to any angle.
* A Laser Stars projector lens.
* A cloud formation projector lens.
* A cloud brightness control.
* The projector is self-focussing.
* For best results use in total darkness.
* Use for no more than four hours at a time (the On/Off switch is helpful here).
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Requires a mains adaptor (UK adaptor included).
* Size: 29 x 25 x 20cm.


This watch not only looks fantastic, but serves a great purpose which really should have been invented before now. But alas, it is now available.

The stress watch is aimed at busy people, with hectic lives, as it monitors stress levels throughout the day, and indicates your levels via a black bar graph on the screen. The blues and greens indicate a mellow mood, compared to pinks, reds, and oranges which indicate a stressed out individual.

Thankfully, the watch also tells the time (as you may expect), so you will never miss an appointment or meeting, though these meetings may cause your stress levels to soar. Once the stress levels hit a peak, you can take a rest and watch as your levels (hopefully) begin to drop.

The device is currently only a prototype, but one which many, many people would like to see come into production. Myself included.


For soccer fans everywhere, looking forward to the World Cup next year in South Africa, there have been a series of soccer shaped fans manufactured. These solar powered fans are soccer-shaped and provide a touch of relief from the warm Summer weather. This clever, solar-powered Soccer-shaped fan circulates the air to help reduce the temperature without the need for standard electricity.

It is handy and easy to use. The blades will spin as long as the round fan is opened and the sunlight falls on the solar panel. The solar fan is really a must for soccer fans or people going out.

The price of this item is £7.41, and is available from this store


What do you get if you cross a scanner with a book? Well, erm, one of these I guess. This idea seems a little bizarre, but it is definitely unique and actually makes a rather bland looking scanner look slightly more impressive. A scanner has been modified to appear like a book, and charted his progress on his own website. Being tired of the boring aesthetics of a flatbed scanner, DataMancer took it upon himself to solve this issue, and add a degree of style to it. By hollowing out a book, the scanner was placed inside, and I'm assuming that any type of book can be used to suit your own personality.

It's always the strangest ideas that seem to achieve the highest attention, and I wouldn't be surprised to see scanner modifications popping up all over the internet fairly soon. How about a scanner, disguised as a coffee table, or a scanner disguised as a lamp shade? Ok, now we're being silly…

You can view the scanner / book and the progress made throughout his modification at his website.


Let's face it - your roommate is nice enough. Seems trustworthy. Only eats his food, and doesn't touch your stuff. But do you really trust him with everything? Would you trust him with your wallet? Your phone? Your laptop? That laptop is your entire life! It's got all your papers on it, your music - maybe even pictures of you and your girlfriend at Spring Break! You know... those pictures.

You might think that a cable-lock would be adequate to secure your laptop, but not only can those things just be clipped off with a cheap bolt-cutter, someone can still turn on and use your laptop without even removing it! No - that's not really security. What you need is some serious armor. Something that can lock your lappy down, keeping it physically safe from pilfering hands, as well as potential data-thieves.

What we found is so simple and yet totally ingenious. A big metal box with a lock (simple), that bolts to your dorm-furniture from the inside (ingenious)! With the lid closed and locked, the wing-nuts that hold the vault in place get locked in with your valuables. It's one of those "gah, I wish I had thought of that" things.

Big enough to hold a 17" laptop and accessories, you could even put a portable drive or two in there, your phone - even your wallet if you were so inclined.

Now you don't have to worry about whether or not your roommate is trustworthy. As they say, good locks make good neighbors. Or, is that fences? Doesn't matter - it still applies!


* Rugged steel construction
* 16' x 13" x 5"
* Weighs 9 pounds
* Laptop Safe for Dorm Room or Apartment
* Attaches to Furniture
* Holds up to 17" laptops and Personal Accessories
* Comes with mounting brackets, multiple-size bolts, wingnuts and combination lock

Fancy a top of the range new MP3 players with everything included?

There are still a variety of MP3 players coming onto the market that now include almost everything you could need in a personal music-playing gadget.

I have chosen just the Creative Zen X-Fi2, one of the latest sound systems and video experts many mp3 players available today to represent all that is now available at the touch of a button!

The Creative Zen X-Fi2:
We are now at the stage where there is almost every gadget possible on your MP3 players apart from wind turbine and a microwave!

The new Zen X-Fi2 from Creative systems is one such player - and it looks stylish too.

Basically the features go way beyond playing your favorite tracks and the radio at the touch of a button, and now include photos and video and integrated recorder - to save forever those fantastic live summer concerts or boring morning lectures at uni!

Displayed on it’s 3″ LCD touchscreen are a whole host of easy-to-use icons that open up into files of music, videos and even your RSS feed reader (you connect via your USB). You can even forget that screen when you are indoors and connect it up to your huge widescreen TV indoors - or at your friends - via the AV cable! You can now share those videos and photos life-size without having to burn them onto a disc first!

Space-wise you can have either the 8, 16 or 32GB - but it doesn’t really matter that much as it has a microSD memory card slot for extra capacity! So you can have all your live music on one card, all your lectures on another and keep the main machine for great tunes!

The Creative Zen MP3 players also come with some EP-630 in-ear earphones which apparently send the music away from your ears creating a ‘room sound’ in a new concept. They also restrict the maximum volume to prevent ear damage when using long term! Nice.

And, weighing in at only 75g, this little nifty gadget also plans your life - containing a calender, and alarm, tasks and a contacts list!

All you need to do is switch it on and away you go…..

Try the MP3 Expert website for the best prices for Creative Zens.

Fancy watching Internet films on your TV without all the technology?

Basically there is now a simple gadget that can bring all those Internet only channels to your everyday TV - controlled by your standard remote. And all this in a standard freeview box.

My brother used to be able to connect up his laptop with a TV monitor and then drag files over from one to the other to increase the viewing size - and for greater comfort.

I mean just because you miss one episode in your favorite show - why should you have to sit alone at your desk, hooked up to your pc or laptop watching the tiniest screen ever with tinny sound coming through your earphones!

What Is It Then?
Well, this gadget is the Fetch TV SmartBox 8000 and so far works with only the BBC catch-up Internet channel - basically you can watch BBCi as though it was a normal TV channel so around 400 hours of ‘free’ television.

There are plans afoot to spread this to Channel 4 and Five’s catch-up services which would mean hours of fun watching comedy quizzes and reality shows!

There is no software to install for this so it’s easy for anyone to get started without calling your mates (or kids) for help! And, unlike some cable packages that offer Internet programmes - there is no subscription charge - just the one off purchase cost of around £220 and you are away!

What Else Does It Do?
Well, as it has a computer memory - you can move all your photos and videos onto it yourself - allowing home viewing on the couch for your latest holiday snaps! Or the kids sports day video at a party!

It also has an 80 hour capacity for taping the TV itself - so you can watch the Sunday lunch time movie with the family while recording the motor racing on the other channel for when every-one’s gone home!

I know you are thinking that all these individual services have been on offer for some years now - and you would be right! But this is the first time that they are all in one machine - and all so easy to use!

So, as long as you have broadband - you can get the SmartBox!

Transparent Electronics
Inventors, Jung Won Seo, Jae-Woo Park, Keong Su Lim, Ji-Hwan Yang and Sang Jung Kang, who are scientists at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, have created the world's first transparent computer chip.

The chip, known as (TRRAM) or transparent resistive random access memory, is similar to existing chips known as (CMOS) or metal-oxide semiconductor memory, which we use in our electronic devices. The difference is that TRRAM is completely clear and transparent. What is the benefit of having transparency?

"It is a new milestone of transparent electronic systems," says Jung Won Seo. "By integrating TRRAM with other transparent electronic components, we can create a total see-through embedded electronic systems."

The technology could enable the windows or mirrors in your home to be used as computer monitors and television screens.

This technology is expected to be available within 3 to 4 years.

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